Colorado Springs Military Relocation

Does your role with the military mean that you'll be moving your family to Colorado Springs? If so, you've clearly got some decisions to make in terms of where to live and the type of property to buy. Fortunately, Jerry Sanden with House Hunters, Colorado Springs has already worked with a large number of amazing military families that have bought homes from out of the country in order for them to have a place to live when they arrive. Thanks to the latest in video and photo technology, the House Hunters team can help you choose the perfect home for your family. Furthermore, Jerry will give $1,000 of his commission to you at closing as a thank you gift.

Military members that receive Permanent Chage of Station (PCS) papers will certainly be looked after by Jerry. He'll help you understand the Colorado Springs real estate market, recommend lenders, and communicate with you throughout the process of your transition.

Of course, there are other booming industries that residents often relocate to Colorado Springs for. The local tech industry is growing at a rapid pace, more schools are being built, and the health field has seen an increase in jobs. Regardless of the reason you're moving to the area, you need to contact House Hunters, Colorado Springs today and to discuss your move! Fill out the form below to get moving on your relocation plans.

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