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Derra Meister, Associate Broker/Operations Manager

Derra Meister, Associate Broker/Operations Manager

“Aloha, howz it?” Derra was born in Hawaii and raised in Southern California. In 1996 the Colorado Rockies were pulling her, she relocated and has loved living here ever since. “I came here once when I was 9 on a family road trip, I always knew I’d return and I’m glad I did." Between fishing, camping, hiking, and snowboarding, Colorado has become her new home for over 20 years. Derra has lived in the Cheyenne Mountain area for the past 12 years, raising her daughter and recently reconnecting from high school and marrying Jerry, the Principal Broker and Owner of House Hunters, LLC. “Social media is a crazy thing! We are now building our company and raising our daughter together. I couldn’t be happier.”

Derra, a self-proclaimed recovering Loan Officer, has almost 20 years in the mortgage lending industry and has spent the past 5 years within the real estate spectrum. “I’ve watched Colorado Springs grow over the past 20-something years and couldn’t be more proud of our city.” Being heavily imbedded in the Springs community and its surrounding areas, she has fine-tuned her business philosophy and has created a solid and honest work ethic. “Knowing that what I do in my career can change people’s lives, helping dreams come true is the most gratifying and genuinely honest gift to share with others.” From new construction to existing homes, from the Rocky Mountains to the Front Range, Derra is competent and very qualified to find the best fit for you and your family’s needs. “It’s not about selling or buying a home…it’s finding the right fit and creating an honest, enjoyable experience.”

"I am huge about spending time with my family and friends. Trying to take part in the community and appreciating our great city is something I do often.” Finding time to travel, working out, gardening, and cooking are some of the things that Derra enjoys on her down-time. “Cooking is therapy for me and, yes, I’m a foodie! We have some amazing eateries here in the Springs. I’d love to share my favorite spots with you sometime.”

"I’d be thrilled to share with you all that I’ve learned, seen, and visited here in Colorado. Mahalo - thank you, for having me find your home here in our big, little city we like to call The Springs."

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