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Meet The Team

Jerry moved from Southern California to beautiful Colorado Springs with encouragement from family and friends to use his entrepreneurial spirit and get into real estate. He has since proven to be a Top Producer and recognized as one of the best New Construction real estate agents by many local home builders. “Starting House Hunters was a natural fit. It has allowed me to provide the best service without restraints from working for Big Box agencies. It has also fostered an unmatched Brand Standard that is shared with the entire team.”

When Jerry is not checking in with home builders, you can find him with his family. Knowing each other since high school in San Diego and after losing touch over many years, Jerry and his wife, Derra, reconnected and recently got married. They have a true love for travel, food, and music. Their daughter, an aspiring musician and artist, inspires Jerry to pursue his love of playing music. “I am amazed at how quickly she can pick up a song on guitar or create a story on canvas.”

An avid supporter of giving back, generosity reflects in Jerry’s relationships with friends, family, and community. “How you pay it forward is a huge part of what defines you as a person, it’s a culture I was raised with and love that the people I work with feel the same."

“I’ve been in Colorado for almost a decade now and love calling the Springs our home. If your plans include house hunting, let me know. I can promise you an honest experience that will be fun and exciting!"

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“Aloha, howz it?” Derra was born in Hawaii and raised in Southern California. In 1996 the Colorado Rockies were pulling her, she relocated and has loved living here ever since. “I came here once when I was 9 on a family road trip, I always knew I’d return and I’m glad I did." Between fishing, camping, hiking, and snowboarding, Colorado has become her new home for over 20 years. Derra has lived in the Cheyenne Mountain area for the past 12 years, raising her daughter and recently reconnecting from high school and marrying Jerry, the Principal Broker and Owner of House Hunters, LLC. “Social media is a crazy thing! We are now building our company and raising our daughter together. I couldn’t be happier.”

Derra, a self-proclaimed recovering Loan Officer, has almost 20 years in the mortgage lending industry and has spent the past 5 years within the real estate spectrum. “I’ve watched Colorado Springs grow over the past 20-something years and couldn’t be more proud of our city.” Being heavily imbedded in the Springs community and its surrounding areas, she has fine-tuned her business philosophy and has created a solid and honest work ethic. “Knowing that what I do in my career can change people’s lives, helping dreams come true is the most gratifying and genuinely honest gift to share with others.” From new construction to existing homes, from the Rocky Mountains to the Front Range, Derra is competent and very qualified to find the best fit for you and your family’s needs. “It’s not about selling or buying a home…it’s finding the right fit and creating an honest, enjoyable experience.”

"I am huge about spending time with my family and friends. Trying to take part in the community and appreciating our great city is something I do often.” Finding time to travel, working out, gardening, and cooking are some of the things that Derra enjoys on her down-time. “Cooking is therapy for me and, yes, I’m a foodie! We have some amazing eateries here in the Springs. I’d love to share my favorite spots with you sometime.”

"I’d be thrilled to share with you all that I’ve learned, seen, and visited here in Colorado. Mahalo - thank you, for having me find your home here in our big, little city we like to call The Springs."

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Nicholas Taylor was born in Alamosa, Colorado and raised in Colorado Springs. He has vast knowledge of the area through living and working in every part of the city. “I love my city and witnessing the amazing growth over the years!”

With a history of banking experience he has the tools and knowledge to walk you through the entire home buying process. “I appreciate what I have learned in my banking career. It has given me insight into the financial portion of the home buying process.”

Nicholas enjoys spending time with wife Tara and their two dogs. “I met the love of my life six years ago and I enjoy every moment we spend together!” People close to Nicholas describe him as overly generous and truly caring, some times to a fault. “I feel the largest part of my job is listening and asking questions to help meet your home buying goals. Thank you for letting me be a part of such a major life event.”

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Melissa Caines is a native to Colorado, born right here in our gorgeous city of Colorado Springs! She has always enjoyed waking up to beautiful views of the Front Range and Pikes Peak and takes advantage of the 300+ sunny days per year that this amazing state has to offer. Being from “The Springs,” she is a knowledgable and experienced resource for those who are relocating.

Melissa has a strong background in new home sales and extensive experience in customer service. “I’ve been here to watch our city grow since I was a little girl, which is really exciting. Working in new home sales and knowing that I’ve helped so many families build their dream home is one of the greatest joys of doing what I do.” Now Melissa is expanding her real estate knowledge to include residential and land sales, she’s looking forward to helping many more families live the Colorado dream. “There is no greater gift than to sit at a closing table and have your clients so genuinely happy. This is why I love my job - how could I not?!”

Melissa’s motto, “To handle all clients with care and kindness.” She works extremely hard as a Realtor and as a dedicated Mom and loving wife. If she isn’t out showing homes, she’s supporting her kids at a school event, attending sporting activities, playing family board games, or cooking with her husband. “If Jon and I have a chance to get away, hubby and I love to head up to the mountains and check out a local brewery. Maybe even catch some live music or riding our bikes. Colorado is such a great place to enjoy all of those things with your friends and family, there is always something to go do and see!”

There is no doubt Melissa will work hard to find the perfect home while providing exceptional service.

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Denáe experienced over a dozen national moves prior to laying her roots down in beautiful Colorado Springs 20 years ago. She brings a wealth of knowledge of the Pikes Peak Region, being widely connected in many circles through her extensive experience in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry. Denáe’s leadership in the hotel industry allowed her to work closely with the military, non-profit groups, and national corporations. Recognizing Denáe’s penchant for cultivating unparalleled client relations, she is one of Colorado Springs’ leading young professionals.

Denáe balances her life through her down time. Having an eye for design, she soaks up inspiration from her love of travel to recharge her energy. Her leisure pursuits are quite eclectic, from home improvement projects to fitness & bodybuilding and exploring the newest niche restaurants and wine bars. Add to this the adventure of being a new mom, Denáe is consistently on the move - just the way she likes it!

One of Denáe’s favorite motivating mantras is “Work until you no longer have to introduce yourself.” In the professional world, she is known for being a passionate champion for the people, advocating for and tirelessly giving herself to the goals of the team. She finds the best reward for her tenacious work ethic is found in those long, sought-after celebration moments where everyone can finally say, “We Did It!”

“I’m looking forward to being your partner and advocate throughout your house hunting adventure in this breathtaking city we affectionately call Home! Let’s build something beautiful, together!”

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As a military brat, Jeallyn has lived in many different places: New Jersey, Hawaii, Georgia, Germany and then lastly Texas, where her father retired and family has lived since. She started her professional career as a registered nurse and now has transitioned into real estate. Although the two may seem to be drastically different, both professions allow her to do exactly what she loves best - take care of people and advocate for them.

In nursing, Jeallyn often defers to her team. "I whole-heartedly believe that through collaboration I could go beyond myself and access an entire team’s worth of knowledge and experience. As a result, my patients benefit from this expanded team and receive the best care. I found that selecting a real estate group to be similar. House Hunters, LLC provides me with that support and expertise."

As someone who has moved a lot, Jeallyn knows how important it is to have a place to call home, and she will be in your corner to help you navigate the Colorado real estate market!

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