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Jerry Sanden, Principal Broker/Owner

Jerry Sanden, Principal Broker/Owner

Jerry moved from Southern California to beautiful Colorado Springs with encouragement from family and friends to use his entrepreneurial spirit and get into real estate. He has since proven to be a Top Producer and recognized as one of the best New Construction real estate agents by many local home builders. “Starting House Hunters was a natural fit. It has allowed me to provide the best service without restraints from working for Big Box agencies. It has also fostered an unmatched Brand Standard that is shared with the entire team.”

When Jerry is not checking in with home builders, you can find him with his family. Knowing each other since high school in San Diego and after losing touch over many years, Jerry and his wife, Derra, reconnected and recently got married. They have a true love for travel, food, and music. Their daughter, an aspiring musician and artist, inspires Jerry to pursue his love of playing music. “I am amazed at how quickly she can pick up a song on guitar or create a story on canvas.”

An avid supporter of giving back, generosity reflects in Jerry’s relationships with friends, family, and community. “How you pay it forward is a huge part of what defines you as a person, it’s a culture I was raised with and love that the people I work with feel the same."

“I’ve been in Colorado for almost a decade now and love calling the Springs our home. If your plans include house hunting, let me know. I can promise you an honest experience that will be fun and exciting!"

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